Triangle Pet toy


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Pet Toy Triangle Capturing the Beauty of Nature

Triangle is a unique pet toy designed with the motifs of clouds, mountains, and the sun. Its triangular shape symbolizes towering mountains, while the part where the ball rolls represents gently flowing clouds, and the transparent ball signifies the shining sun. These three elements harmoniously create a beautiful scene of nature where the sun rises and sets over a cloud-covered mountain.
In terms of design, Triangle harmoniously combines curved and angular lines. This creates an impression of softness and brilliance at once, offering visually attractive aesthetics. High-quality materials and harmony between parts make it look elegant like an objet d'art that can fit well in any space.
Designed for pets to maintain continuous interest in its use, Triangle piques curiosity by allowing treats to be placed inside a transparent ball. When your pet touches the cloud-shaped plate, this ball rolls along rails dropping out treats. In this way, Triangle offers continuous interest and active play opportunities for your pets.
A more innovative feature is that Triangle allows difficulty adjustment. The three holes in the transparent ball can be adjusted in size by turning its top part. Thanks to this feature, it's possible to maintain your pet's ongoing interest while controlling their activity level. Lastly, Triangle is easy-to-clean product. All parts including transparent balls are detachable for cleaning then reassembled for hygienic use - a significant advantage indeed.