HUSUM Oral irrigator


HUSUM Oral irrigator

The HUSUM oral irrigator uses spiral pulse technology, inspired by the spiral curve structure.This technology is different from other water flossers in that the spiral curve accelerates the flow of water.  The result is stronger water pressure that more effectively removes dental dirt residue. The 0.6mm nano energy water column deeply cleans the blind areas and gaps between the teeth.The water column takes 3 seconds to develop a strong pulse, which also makes it cleaner and gentler. The device body is made of high-end food-grade material that is safe and odorless.It is also IPX7 waterproof and can last up to 100 days.

We hoped that these technologies and products would actively improve the user's dental health technologies and products. Therefore, we wanted to capture the friendly and restrained beauty so that users could use the product steadily. It also visualizes the features of technology through a sophisticated and elegant line. 

#2022 IF Design Award Winner