HoloKit X


HoloKit X

A key to the Realverse

The core value of HoloKit X is that anyone can easily experience AR. Therefore, it was strategically approached from all aspects so that consumers could easily access this product and many could use it conveniently. 

The body was shaped in a soft curve so that the user could feel friendly, and the headset was made in a fabric band type so that all users could easily wear and adjust. It minimizes the fatigue of being in close contact with the face through the nose support, making it advantageous for long-term use, and it is characterized by being able to use the product even with glasses on. The lower display part can be safely coupled to the main body through a double injection Reinforced PC. The harmonious combination of the metallic gray-colored main body and the transparent display part has created HoloKit X's unique iconic characteristics and visual representation of usability.

Our team understood that the highlighted section is the core structure of this product

and must design the AR product to look more light and approachable with the minimum dimensions.