Electric Scooter_VtoV 2000


Proposal to Hyundai

Electric Sccoter_V to V 2000

In the future, transportation using electricity will increase and develop in the environment. Electric kickboards are one of the important means of transportation in the future. Electric kickboards are cheaper, greener and more convenient than cars and motorcycles. Electric kickboards can also help reduce traffic congestion and reduce air pollution. Electric kickboards will also play an important role in improving urban transportation systems and improving the quality of life of citizens.

As it has various advantages, the number of users using electric kickboards is increasing. As the number of users increases, electric kickboard traffic accidents are occurring frequently. If the current usability and social problems of kickboards are not improved, there will be difficulties in the development of transportation and lifestyle in the future. By designing the VtoV 2000, we want to help the development of electric kickboards and a better future.