Aster White Stone Diffuser


Pioneering the unknown world is humanity's instinct and a goal and mission for our future. Aster white began from imagining future space-lifestyle. We recalled a situation where human sensibility could be eroded by the vast vacuum in the universe behind infinite possibilities and thought we could forget the 5-senses about the Earth. In order not to be eroded by the empty darkness of the universe, I remembered what humans had felt on Earth. The thoughts of touching soft hard wood, the smell of cold, warm wind, the sun rising and setting. Therefore, our first attempt begins with the pursuit of nature that can set human mind at rest in an empty space.

ASTER WHITE, joined by CASCI and Second White, suggests an object that can remind you of nostalgia for Earth, imagining the upcoming space-lifestyle. This object also helps people who are tired of modern society and are losing their humanity to regain human nature. It can be used as something that can feel the infinite warmth of nature.