Retain & Radiate

/Milan Fuorisalone/2022

“Retain & Radiate”; Virtual Exhibition by Second White for Fuorisalone 2022

As part of the 'Retain and Radiate' series, Second White has created a surreal landscape that utilizes metaverse technology and the design of Second White to embrace (implicitly) the time Second White has walked so far, and radiate it anew in the virtual realm. As a result, designers and artists are given important clues and new ideas regarding Digital Transformation, which is a hot topic in the pandemic age. 

Architecture and all the artworks in this exhibition propose an aesthetic of balance between things that require time (inherent) and things that emerge. 

In a transitional period when all the time and space that humanity has developed up until now is being transferred to the virtual world, visitors will be able to experience Second Space, an environment that will allow them to firmly embrace the time of mankind and radiate it anew. 

Second White is an industrialization company specializing in products that are aesthetically harmonious with nature.

During this exhibition,it intends to promote both design and art, blurring the lines between design and art, time and space, technology and sensitivity, as well as everyday life and art.

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Virtual Furniture design 

9 design philosophy symbols of secondwhite

 <Second Stone> delivers stones containing traces of space and time convey a journey that deeply penetrates the space while simultaneously attracting its own symbolism,

and Only the Essentials Remain and the Rest All Permeate. A new reason for visitors to connect reality and the virtual world is given by the slogan, "Only the Essentials Remain and the Rest All Permeate."