2nd collection '19Celsius'


-The most pleasant temperature, not cold, not hot, at 19 degrees.

Second Collection suggests series of products 

that wake up your numbness with emotional design in the life 

that technology has become everyday parts.

Nowadays, individuals' personal space is more important than ever.

Designing my own private space that fits its purpose is becoming a huge trend itself.

Second Collection is a set of products consists of a wireless charger, a LED mirror, and a diffuser humidifier, which connects to the smartphone to control lighting up to the user’s emotion. Through the product usage, the user can design even the intangible part of the space, which suggests an "emotional interaction" through smart technology.

In the market, there already are many products that is designed for sustainable society to protect environment, but what we did is constantly reminding the user about the beauty of the nature and inspirations from it. Our design is motivated from the nature such as the sun, moon, and mountains to remind of the positive expression when we are out there, close with the nature. This will bring the user, a positive mind set to the nature which eventually leads to protecting the nature through reminding the importance and preciousness of it.
We are living in time of connectivity between machine to machine, machine to human. Therefore, keeping inspired and keeping a keen emotional sense is an important task. Our project goal is to form an emotional band between the product and the user. Through application, the led light can be controlled to best fit the users' mood, and with the motive from the beautiful natural landscape of mountainous ridgeline, moon, and ice, we wanted to express the inner peacefulness and sheer beautiness.