Electric Toothbrush F


"The toothbrush design with the value of nature"

Imagine that you are in a dense forest. Your eyes, mind and breath have the sense of stability in tall and upright trees.

The electric toothbrush F Series put such a value the forest gives in it. Forty-eight elaborate stripped patterns represent each tree. You can feel the sense of grip with the fine pattern of 0.25mm and it adds the refinement on the toothbrush. It has a convenient and intuitive usability through the extruded button, which is an analog way, and the indicate lighting on the bottom of the body part increases aesthetic, making the scene as if it is hovering in the air.

The delicately considered design details of the electric toothbrush F Series will naturally permeate your daily life and make it healthier and more beautiful as if you are in a dense, green forest.