Humidifier 3


Everyone has meaningful experiences that sunrise and sunset give. We feel the emotions, such as expectation, hope, excitement or calmness from sunrise and sunset that seem to infinitely repeat. 

The essential functions that a humidifier has are recovery, healing, and balance. We wanted to do natural but special design, combining experiences from sunrise/sunset with the essential functions of a humidifier.

To have many people keep their various emotions from sunrise/sunset, we minimized the features and elements of the design. Therefore, users can easily remind of the scene of sunrise/sunset even indoor and feel their own experiences and feelings through the design. Also, by having users directly move the shape of the sun with their hands, we intended that the concept of sunrise/sunset get reinforced and to elevate the usability as humidifying function through mobility at the same time.

We, SecondWhite, truly hope that calmness and balance are added to your life through our design.