Portable Charger


Everyone might have in a difficult situation due to lack of battery on your phone so that portable battery became the closest product in our life. As long as we don't use smartphones, the usability of the portable battery will also increase steadily. So what is the ideal portable battery? It could be charging your phone very efficiently and quickly. Like matching with the essential of portable battery. Then how the portable battery could be designed? Second White designed the SUPER VOOC portable battery that charges your phone at a fast speed.

It shouldn’t be stand out or beautiful more than your smart phone. Even though it’s the fastest portable battery in existence should not deviate from the perspective of the user using the portable battery. So we focused on the purpose and nature of the portable battery, and we designed a portable battery that matched the balance between the portable battery and the mobile phone and the user. Users can gently grasped the product with a soft line on the edges. By adding a smooth curve line on the part that combines a mobile phone with a battery, it enhances the usability and gives the SUPER VOOC its characteristics.