Cosmetic Kit


'Color Lock gives a present of beauty to many people.'

Color Lock tries a product named Sumang makeup set that targets people who start makeup.

The new logo is recreated with a trendy and sensuous logo, breaking away from the previous rigid Color Lock logo.

Start the makeup with Sumang and cleanse it with Sumang. This is a continuous repetitive behavior like a circle.

We wanted to express the entire makeup effort that led to the line surrounding Sumang.

It also contains keywords of Sumang, trendy, confidence and a professional feeling.

Sumang make-up set approaches when its users meet their first cosmetics.

The first memory is given as a gift, which gives good memories of makeup with Sumang cosmetics.

The experience of first makeup for me, trendy and confident. We use these words to guide the beginning of design.

Color selection is the emotional expression in design.

Color Lock designs try to change the overall tone. With natural gradation from cool tone to warm tone, it shows the product to be more stylish and lively. Also, this overall color represents a perfect balance with skin and a variety of makeup products that can be tried with the Color Lock makeup kit.

A single package was completed with Sumang logo, gradation, and a small dressing table for the user.

When users open the package, they meet a dressing table, inspired by white products and traditional Asian makeup cases.

Even when not in use, it becomes an object that matches any space, adding color to the user's space and maintaining beauty. 

Mild, but the color is not too much which is connected calm, it delivers a light and trendy image for its users.

The white color that you see when you open the package indicates the beginning of makeup.

Champagne gold point is fitted with trendy and unifies the whole product image.

Once again, a small dressing table is completed for users.