AI Lighting Speaker


Listen to Hole, Speak to Light

AI speakers are a high-demensional product that helps communications between humans and machines.

However, current product designs are too standardized and simplified which do not match the product’s essential keyword ‘communication’. We want to deliver the keyword ‘communication’ by using ‘light’ as a our medium. ‘Light’ is though untouchable, but occupies most of the human’s sensation and this is as intuitive and emotional as it is. That is why we are trying to connect humans and products by a perfect design which will be the suitable medium of light.

The light responds to human’s voice by glowing inside the thin long gap. The light communicates with us actively and metaphorically. Since our emotions are always different and fickle-minded, the AI speaker naturally changes the surrounding atmosphere to match the user’s mood, time or temperature.
Color Lighting Application / Mood Expectation
The lighting tones are recommended in consideration of the key factors, color and light.
Warm tone is slowly start and end the day while cool tone to feel fresh and active.

These images show the mood expectation at home through Second White's home A.I device.