The First Collection


This work is our first collection containing Second White’s values entirely. Raindrops, after a long time, refine solid rocks and change their shapes. As such, different properties in nature meet each other unaffectedly to make a certain form. We are convinced that these changing shapes in progress are the most natural and complete forms across time and places, as they convey familiar, natural, and stable feelings to us and the next generations constantly.

We are sure that one should find the standard of fundamental beauty from things which do not change for a long time. Instead of forcing familiarity when producing unfamiliar and completely new products, we aim to convey a different sense of novelty by focusing on the familiar and stable experiences; in other words, the beauty and familiarity as we think.Combination of metal and acrylic materials, flower pots and mood lamps, speakers and lightings... What we want to do is to embody the harmony and balance through these ideal fusions. The transluscent acrylic body faithfully performs its role of containing flowers or plants to redound to their beauties. The acrylic body, which reflects the subject, mixes harmoniously with the surrounding space. The cylindrical lamp made of metal projects light through transluscent acrylic body to fill the surrounding space with gentle and delicate radiance.